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Logo and Graphics by Steve Wilson  


Wormwood Burlesque - January 26th at Branded Saloon

Tickets Available Below - use code “VIPER”



Wormwood Burlesque the last Friday of every month at Bizarre Bushwick. 

Wormwood strives to create a space for performers of all sorts to express their own personal styles, visions and artistic creations in the realm of burlesque and performance art.  Catharsis is the key word for Wormwood. Come join us to see what we can dig up from the depths, what dark visions we can conjure, and what we can distill from our souls. 


  • Submission Rules:

  • All acts, all performance levels, all genders, all artists are welcome to submit.

  • Your act must be personal, meaningful, and important to you. Deeply so.

  • No Fire, No Bodily Fluids, No self Harm, No harming others.

  • Racism, Homophobia, Trans-phobia, or any other kinds hate will absolutely not be tolerated.